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It’s time to bag some birds!

With the 2019 pheasant hunting season upon us, it’s time to get excited about getting back out into the fields. With recent broad counts complete, it’s no surprise that South Dakota remains the premiere destination for your annual pheasant hunt. For hunters coming to Aberdeen, and the greater Brown County area, there’s even more reasons to get excited.

Boasting an additional 4,000 acres of prime CRP habitat, and an increase of 46% in pheasants per mile, Brown County is poised to see a tremendous increase in harvested birds in 2019. With more than 322,000 acres of public and private land, Aberdeen is the perfect destination to get the most out of your hunting experience.

South Dakota continues to boast the highest bird counts and harvests in the country. Bird numbers, combined with an abundance of land to hunt, make Aberdeen, South Dakota one of the world’s greatest pheasant hunting destinations.

Join us in Aberdeen this fall as we celebrate 100 years of South Dakota pheasant hunting. All the amenities you need for a successful hunt, and a memorable stay, are available for you and your pheasant hunting friends and family!

Important dates: Pheasant hunting season 2019

Open Season: October 19, 2019 – January 5, 2020

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