Aberdeen, where pets are treated like family.

When hunting season is in your sights, you have more on your mind than figuring out where you’re going to sleep at night. So we’ve worked to take care of it for you. Our local hotel owners know how important your loyal hunting companion is to you, and to your hunt. That’s why the Aberdeen Hotel Alliance is proud to offer several pet friendly hotels and accommodations, making it easier for you and your trusted side-kick to enjoy a relaxing evening after a day in the field. Many of Aberdeen’s hotels also offer bird cleaning facilities, saving you time and space for the trip home.

When you visit Aberdeen, you can count on your canine companion getting treated like family. After all, that’s what our pets are to us, they’re family. Who else is going to go bouncing through the thick tallgrass and retrieve those birds, you? Let your beloved bird dog do that, and then treat them to a cozy night’s sleep in one of our many pet friendly hotels. They’ve earned it.

Important dates: Pheasant hunting season 2019

Open Season: October 19, 2019 – January 5, 2020

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